@sar_white on Splits! 🍌 Keep it ⬛️ ・・・ S P L …

@sar_white on Splits! 🍌 Keep it ⬛️
S P L I T S – ❗️ N E W Y O U T U B E ❗️
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You guys asked so here it is. A 25 minute routine based solely on getting those splits.
Even though I believe yoga shouldn’t be about attainment; I understand we all have different goals and poses to aspire too.

This complete split flexibility flow is designed to open up the thighs and hamstrings whilst provide tips and trips how to do this safely and most effectively!

For those of you working towards the splits, try doing this video 2/3 x a week, and on the days you are not opening this areas focus on counteracting the flexibility with some leg strengthening for a happy and balanced body!

Lastly, always listen to and respect your limits, your body has them for a reason!
As always let me know if you try it!!
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Any feedback is welcome!
– Filmed by @matbendik
– Filmed in @urbanyogadubai

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Easy Pose

yoga posture

Pose Information
Sanskrit Name
Pose Level
Contraindications and Cautions
  • Knee injury
Beginner’s Tip
Sit with your back to a wall surface, somewhat closer compared to the size of a yoga exercise block, and also wedge completions of the block between the wall and your lower shoulder blades.
  • Calms the brain
  • Strengthens the back
  • Stretches the knees and ankles

Complementary Pose Pairs that Use Puppy Pose


A well rounded yoga routine
is made of complementary pairs.  Each
pair contains a “main pose” and a “compensating pose”.

The Main Pose is included according to your purpose for your
routine.  It’s generally held for several
breaths, until you have coaxed your fullest extension from the pose.  Or you use your Breathing Theme on that pose.

The Compensating Pose stretches you in the opposite direction, but only
briefly.  If the complementary pose is
held at all, it generally for just a breath.
It’s included to realign  your
body after the main pose.  It’s also
there to provide a counter stretch, of the opposite, supporting muscles.  Muscles tend to be in pairs, on opposite
sides of a bone.  While one stretches,
the other contracts.  If you only stretch
or strengthen one side of the pair and not the other, you will not get the full
benefits of your efforts.  A muscle on
one side can only stretch as much as the oppose muscle is willing to contract,
and vice versa.   So you need to include
both of the muscle partners in your routine.

Together, a Main pose and its
Compensating Pose make nice mini-routines, or quick Yoga Snacks.

One of the main Compensating
Poses is Puppy Pose.  It’s excellent after seated
back bends and poses done lying face down. Here are some
combinations that use Puppy pose:


The PDF of this article is here:  http://tinyurl.com/y53ywoox


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