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@adellbridges on Something I Deal With Daily 👌
TAG YOUR FRIENDS THAT SIT ALL DAY 👩🏻‍💻 Most people have tight (and also weak) psoas muscles from our chair-shaped sedentary lifestyle and yoga is a great way to get it strong and undo a lot of the tightness! .
As well as our traditional #anjaneyasana, a less-instagrammable (definitely-not-as-pretty) addition for waking the psoas up is with a rounded spine and posterior tilt of the pelvis, as shown on the right . .
To do this variation, follow these steps:
1️⃣ lean the hips back over your back knee .
2️⃣ press the head firmly back towards your clasped hands .
3️⃣ tilt your pelvis back as if you’re trying to round the lower back and 💥🍑💥 squeeeeeze your butt .
4️⃣ draw your elbows towards each other and bring your chin towards the chest .
5️⃣ use your abdominal muscles to help crunch your front body inwards .
6️⃣ If you’re not feeling anything at this point, begin to slowly push your hips forward without losing the rounding of the back or engagement of the glutes and abdominals .
The way the psoas major goes from the mid spine, crossing over the front of the pelvis, and connecting to the femur means that you can lengthen it from the low spine in this variation, whereas anjaneyasana lengthens from the femur . .
Adding this variation of low lunge to your yoga practice will also help with stiffness in the upper back! .
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